It’s no secret that college is expensive

At our credit union in Minnesota, we believe every student should have the opportunity for a college education.
College Scholarships from our credit union in Minnesota at our branches for NSCU available

NSCU Scholarships

Each year, North Star Credit Union in Minnesota provides scholarships to our high school members.

We believe in supporting our high school students and fostering their growth. Our annual scholarships help students get one step closer to their dreams, no matter which field they choose.

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Our Purpose and Values


  1. Download the application (above) and fill out.
  2. Contact your school and ask for the following to be sent to you:
    1. Your Transcripts.
    2. Your Attendance Records.
  3. Get two emails/letters of recommendation:
  4. Ask an educator familiar with your work to write one about your academic work.
  5. Ask someone who is not a relative to write one about your character.
  6. Send all of that information to: Name listed on the application

Meet our past scholarship winners

credit union in minnesota - scholarships

Brandi Sougard

Nashwauk-Keewatin School scholarship winner
credit union in minnesota - scholarships

Monti Nelson

Nashwauk-Keewatin School scholarship winner

More help for college

Get a student loan for college expenses.

Need to refinance an existing student loan?

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