External Funds Transfers

What types of transfers does NSCU offer?
  • Transfer funds safely between your NSCU accounts – available in Online Banking and North Star Mobile App.
  • External Transfers: Transfer from your NSCU deposit account to a deposit account at another financial institution in your name; Transfer to your NSCU loan or deposit account from your account at another financial institution.
What is the minimum amount I can transfer between accounts?

The minimum transfer amount is $0.01 for internal or external transfers.

How do I add an external account?

Using Online Banking or NSCU Mobile App, click on the main menu “External Transfers” tab. And then “External Account Management”. Input external account information.  Review the ACH Transfer Disclosure. Click “Add External Account”.  Trial deposits will be made to external account. Validation of external account trial deposit amounts are required to complete adding of external account.  External account trial deposits typically take two business days.

How much can I transfer in a day?
  • Internal Transfers – no limits
  • External Transfers – maximum of $3,000.00 per transfer
Is there a fee to make a transfer?

There are no fees for internal transfers, for inbound external transfers to NSCU, or outbound transfers from your NSCU account to another financial institution.

What types of external transfers are prohibited?

International transfers and business account transfers.

How long does an external transfer take to process?

External transfers can be processed in up to two (2) business days.

What if I need to move funds between two financial institutions on the same day?

We accept and send wires to transfer funds on the same business day. Please see our forms page to receive our incoming wiring instructions. Give these instructions to the financial institution that will be initiating the wire. If you are needing to send the wire from your NSCU account please contact your local branch to initiate this transfer. Please review our current fee schedule to be aware of the fees associated with sending and receiving a wire.

Online Banking

How do I enroll in online banking?

Visit this link: https://mobicint.net/nsc/login

What to do if I forgot my password?

If you are having issues logging in to your online banking, you can click forgot password if it is prior to typing in the incorrect password three times. If you click forgot password it will send you an email with instructions to reset your password. If you have already tried the wrong password more than three times your account will be disabled and you will need to contact one of our branches to have us unlock your account and reset your password.

Where can I find additional help for mobile banking?

Watch these helpful videos:

How can I enroll in E-statements?
  • Login to your online banking
  • Go to Settings
  • Complete your security verification
  • Click on edit email
  • Drop down the email and check the box for statements.
  • Please confirm that you have a correct email address entered.
How can I change my address?

The easiest way to change your address and to ensure it is accurate will be to update it through your online banking. Follow the simple steps below to change your address. 

  • Login to your online banking
  • Go to Settings
  • Complete your security verification
  • Under Account Setting, click edit addess
  • Type in new address and click submit!

If you do not have online banking, please give us a call or stop in to one of our branches and we are happy to assist with updating your address.

Open Hours + Deposits

What holidays are you closed for?
  • New Years Day Observed
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
When are you open?

Visit our Branch page for our hours of operation.

Do you have a drive up?

Our Nashwauk, Cook, Mountain Iron, and Duluth branches offer drive up services during normal operation hours.

Do you have a night deposit drop?

Night drops are available for after-hours deposits at all full-service NSCU branches. In general, “after-hours” is considered to be any time after 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Deposits made after-hours will be posted the next business day (deposits left on Fridays will be posted on Monday or the next business day if Monday is a holiday).


I saw a great interest rates on recreation loans, who do I contact to apply?

For all questions concerning recreation loans, contact your loan officer at a local branch.  Or apply online here: website link

I have a question about a business loan. Who do I contact?

Alicia Dahl at 218-666-4024.


I see charges on my account that are not mine, what should I do?

You can disable your debit card through online banking or the NSCU app to prevent additional charges, and contact your local branch.

How do I disable my debit card through online banking?
  • Login to your online banking or the mobile app. 
  • If in the app, click on menu. If in online banking then click on the three lines in the left corner.
  • Click on Remote Control Cards
  • Select the card you want to disable or mark as stolen. 
  • Select the status you want to change your card to, then click Submit to confirm change.
    • If you click disable – this will just freeze your card until you find it again and then you can come back in and reactivate your card. 
    • If you click Lost or stolen, this will permanently close your card and then you will need to contact your local branch to order or get a new card printed in branch!

How do I order checks?

How do I order checks?

You can order check through your online banking or by contacting your local branch. Checks can not be ordered through the mobile app.

  • If ordering online through a web browser, login to your online banking then select the three horizontal lines in the left corner to expand the main menu. Then scroll down to the order checks option. You will need to pick your security image and answer a security question to continue. Then select your checking account suffix and click submit. This will bring you to the harland clarke site where you can submit your order. Add the checks that you want to your cart and then checkout. 
  • You can also call or stop in to your local branch and they can get the checks ordered for you as well. Please just let them know how many boxes of checks you are wanting and if there are any changes that need to be made.

Need more help?

We are here to assist with your questions and listen to your feedback. Please get in touch in you have any other question about our MN credit unions!

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