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At NSCU, banking starts with relationships. Our experienced local staff are committed to you, our valued customer.

Contact us for assistance with your account or for information. We look forward to bringing you the modern services you’d expect with a personal touch you’ll enjoy at our MN credit union.
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Holly Hanson

Danielle Johnson

Jennifer Stedt

Cindy Lizama

Cindy Stevens

Courtney Brewer

Alicia Dahl

Cherie Cook Branch

Cherie Seopa

Jennifer Judas

Lindsey Wendt

Kim Martinson

Christie Kainwo

Julia DeVries

Lori Astleford

Lynn LaFlair

Stephanie Burckhardt

Melissa Cox

Brenna Simpson

Lizzie Pretti

Joanne Bradley

Joyce Morinville

Melissa Cook Branch

Melissa Holmes

North Star Credit Union Virginia branch

Angela Conway

North Star Credit Union Virginia branch

Drew Braun

Hana Daneilson

Jessica Johnson

Lori Chilstrom

Rachel Indihar

Jae Wuori

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is an integral part of our team at North Star Credit Union.

We appreciate all that our Board of Directors do for North Star Credit Union and their commitment to our members.

Board Members:
Marge Rinne
Jon Korpi
Lara Whiteside
Kristin Zigan
Cork Conner
Vicki Schelde

Supervisory Committee:
Jody Refsdal
Bob Champa
Marla Kahn

Meet our MN credit union staff!

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