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Local loans on your time. Let North Star Credit Union pre-approve you for a consumer loan at competitive rates from your computer, tablet, or phone. Whether you prefer the friendly atmosphere at our branches or the comfort of your own home, we are here to help.

Business Loans

We are here to promote your business’ growth. Our dedicated Business Loan Officer, Alicia Dahl, is committed to helping you run your business smoothly. Contact Alicia for all your business lending needs.

Financing Options:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Working Capital
  • Business Expansion
  • Equipment
  • Vehicle
  • Refinancing

To learn more about our competitive rate, contact Alicia Dahl at 218-666-4024.

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Signature Unsecured Loans

We offer personal loans with a fixed rate and term—no collateral or security needed.

Term Interest Rate (APR)*
36 Month 10.65%
48 Month 10.90%
60 Month 11.40%

Personal Lines of Credit

A Personal Line of Credit provides you with additional flexibility when you know you need money, but you are not sure how much. With a line of credit, there are no annual fees, and you only pay interest on the amount you use.

Signature and Collateral Loans 50% and up

For a lower interest rate, you can partially secure your signature loan with collateral. For example, if you wanted a loan for $1,000 and your collateral is worth $600, you may qualify for this type of loan.

Signature and Collateral Loans 50% and under

For a lower interest rate, you can partially secure your signature loan with collateral. For example, if you wanted a loan for $1,000 and your collateral is worth $400, you may qualify for this type of loan.

Life of Credit & Disability Insurance Information

If something happens to you, your loan obligations could potentially place a burden on your family. To protect your assets and family’s financial well-being, consider Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance on your next loan. Credit Life pays your balance in full if you pass, Credit Disability will pay your monthly payment if you suffer an injury or serious illness which causes you to miss work for more than two weeks.

Single Payment Notes

Term Interest Rate (APR)*
12 Month 10.90%

*Annual Percentage Rate, Rates shown are based on the best possible scenario including auto pay bonus, your rate is based on an evaluation of your credit history and other factors. All loans subject to approval. Speak to a loan officer for details.


Life happens. At North Star Credit Union, we work with you. Members in good standing are eligible to skip their loan payment once per calendar year on qualifying loans.*

Eligible Loans** Non-Eligible Loans
Auto Business
Boat Mortgage
ATV Home Equity
Snowmobile Secondary Land
Recreational Vehicle Agriculture
Tractor Lines of Credit
Side-by-Side Single Payment Notes
Ice Fishing House Share Builder
Unsecured Personal Loan Visa® Credit Cards

Rates effective October 25, 2018 and subject to change without notice.

*Member Eligibility

  • All loans are current (non-delinquent)
  • Payment History shows current for the past 6 months
  • Member must have made at least one loan payment
  • All borrowers sign Skip-a-Pay disclosure form
  • Skip-a-Pay form turned in a minimum of 7 business days before payment due date
  • Borrowers cannot skip consecutive months in calendar year (December and January)
  • $25 administrative fee per loan paid by check or deducted from borrower’s checking or savings account

**Terms of Agreement

  • Interest will continue to occur while payment is skipped
  • Skip-a-Pay could result in deduction of GAP claim
  • Negative amortization could occur
  • Credit life/disability will continue to be charged during skipped month (if applicable)
  • Skip-a-Pay will extend the maturity date of the loan
  • Borrower(s) are responsible for stopping certain types of payments including but not limited to payroll deduction, direct deposit from another institution, mailed check, and bill pay services