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SMS Text Option for Two-Factor Authentication on Online Banking Starts April 1

This is an Added Security Feature

Added Security Feature

North Star Credit Union (NSCU) has added SMS text codes as a verification method for its online banking login. This is optional as an added convenience and security feature for members to login to their accounts, rather than having to remember the security questions and picture.

This beneficial change will occur on April 1.

With this change, NSCU’s CEO Jennifer Stedt reminds our members to be aware of Two-Factor Authentication Scams.

“Incorporating SMS text codes as a verification method is a safe method as it notifies the user each time he or she is logging in,” Stedt explained. “The person logging in would need to have that could, so would need access to the phone, in theory. However, with the advancements that scammers have made there are still risks.”

Stedt encourages members to have a passcode on their phones in case the phone is lost or stolen.

Members are still able to use the picture and security questions.
“They should not make those super easy or not share these with anyone,” she added.

What is a SMS Text as Two-Factor Authentication?
This is a text message that the members will receive when they try to login to their account. If you select “receive a code” instead of the traditional challenge question, you will receive a text that states:

From: North Star CU
Authentication code: XXXXXX
If you did not request this code please contact us.

How do I set this up?
SMS is automatically set up so the members do not need to do anything except make sure that NSCU has their cell phone on file.  When logging in members will be prompted to choose between verifying their account via SMS text OR answer a challenge question,

Two-Factor Authentication Scams:
Automated phone calls are being used by scammers to steal two-factor authentication codes from consumers. This code is then used to hack into banking, merchant, and third-party payment accounts. An example of a scam call may be, “In order to secure your bank account, please now enter the code we have sent your mobile device.”

How Cardholders Can Stay Safe

In order to stay safe from potential scams, members should refrain from disclosing personal information. North Star Credit Union staff will not call and ask for your SMS Text Code or to request personal information. Members should keep two-factor authentication codes private and refrain from transmitting them via phone, text, or email.

These codes should only be used when the cardholder is signing in to access their banking, merchant, or payment account. If cardholders are concerned about an automated message, they should not respond. Instead, they should contact the credit union directly using the phone number listed on their account. They should not disclose personal information via number/link provided by a potentially fraudulent call or message.

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