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Beware of Scammers

Be aware of back-to-school scams!

With back-to-school season scammers are using that as another way to scam victims out of money.

Here are some common scams that are outlined on the AARP website:

Apartment Rental Scams
According to AARP, a criminal uses a listing for an apartment for rent and changes the contact information to his or hers or creates a fake listing. Then, the criminal asks for money to be wired or sent a money service when it turns out there is not an apartment listing at all. Try to meet the person before sending money and also getting a tour of the apartment to ensure that it is legit.

Public Wi-Fi Scams
Students using public Wi-Fi networks such as at coffee shops or grocery stores could be setting themselves up to have someone tap onto their mobile device. The scammer sets up a network with name similar to the public place so unknowingly the victim connects to this fake network. The hackers are then able to steal personal information, such as credit card information and passwords. Find out from the staff the name of the Wi-Fi network before connecting.

Student Loan Scams
With the recent announcement by the president to forgive up to $20,000 in student loans scammers are using this as an opportunity to trick people to give them money. Student loan borrowers are reminded that they will not have to pay a fee to have their student loans reduced. Often scammers use the urgency to need to do something as a way to get people to act fast without thinking it through, according to AARP. Do not provide anyone who calls with personal information that could be used to go into your account and divert your student loan payments.

Check out the Fraud Resource Center to view different scams out there.

Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union out of Illinois put together an article outlining scams.

If you are a victim of fraud:
Call the AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline: 877-908-3360
Report it on AARP’s Scam-Tracking Map.
Sign up for Watchdog Alerts for more tips on avoiding scams.

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