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North Star Credit Union Financial Calculators


North Star Credit Union Financial Calculators

Technology has made life so much easier and convenient, but it has also managed to turn personal finances into a minefield with new costs that did not exist, even a generation ago. Cellphone bills, internet costs, monthly membership programs, new payment platforms, and much more. In this post we will aggregate the financial calculators you need to easily and quickly tackle your finances. These financial calculators are easy to use and simple to understand, which makes estimating your finances even easier. Don’t go over-budget again, easily estimate monthly can handle, and much more.

Monthly Budget Calculator

The monthly budget is one of the easiest things to calculate and most other financial calculations are based upon it. While most people easily stay within their monthly budget, taking the time to use a monthly budget calculator, can easily provide insights on areas that provide great opportunities for saving. Are you spending to much eating out, or on miscellaneous expenses, could that money go to more efficient and better transportation or even mortgage payments? Use this monthly budget calculator to find out!

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monthly budget claculator

Monthly Loan Payment Calculator

Is that first home within your budget, is your family growing and you need a bigger living space, is your car in need of an upgrade? Now that you know your monthly income after expenses use this monthly loan payment calculator to find out if that new car or home is within your monthly budget. No more guesswork.

Mortgage Calculator

You have found out what your monthly budget can take in terms of a home loan, now find out how much it will cost over it’s life, with this mortgage calculator.

Car Payment Calculator

Have a new child and need a safer ride, looking to improve your gas efficiency and reduce transportation costs, or just looking to upgrade your current car after years of snow and salt wear on Minnesota roads? This car payment calculator takes the guesswork out of your new auto-loan and allows you to calculate the most affordable option over the life of the loan by adjusting terms.

Vacation Budget Calculator

It’s that time of year! Prepare to relax and enjoy the sun (or snow), but don’t overextend your budget. Find out if your vacationing on Lake Superior right her in Minnesota, or Lake Como in Italy  with this vacation budget caclulator.

Cost of Pets Calculator

Pets are part of the family but they can also be expensive family members, we were extremely surprised to find out how much our beloved pets cost, when we used this Lifetime cost of pets calculator. Even that little gold fish ended up costing nearly $1000 over its life!


While these financial calculators aren’t exact or 100% accurate they can help give you a good idea of your financial state and abilities quickly and easily. However they are not meant to replace the advice of an experienced financial professional. If you have questions on your loan options, saving solutions, or your personal financial health, please contact us today.