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How to help protect your online bank accounts


How to help protect your online bank accounts

Online Protection

Cyber hacking is now easier than ever with everything online, so it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to try and secure your online accounts. If the wrong people access your accounts, you might find yourself with a lot less money and credit than you thought. Here are a couple steps to help make sure that that doesn’t happen

  1.   Change your usernames and passwords
  • Passwords should be distinct and at least eight characters, including letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Come up with a sentence that only you will remember

2. Review your bank statements

  • Pay attention to not only large transactions but every single one
  • Hackers typically start with small charges and eventually start working their way up time. So it is crucial that you notice any small transaction that you didn’t do

3. Review your credit card statements and credit reports

  • People typically review credit card statements less than bank statements, so make sure to check those just as often
  • Check all personal information in your reports. If something looks wrong, make sure to check your credit report

4. Sign up for every possible notification

  • It is easier to track any activity when you have notifications on. You may be thinking all they do it clog up my inbox, but they could be saving you from a lot more

5. Shred your financial information

  • Dumpster diving isn’t a thing of the past. Make sure to shred any documentation that has your personal information on it

6. Do all online shopping at home

  • Public wifi networks and computers are an easy way to share information with people that you don’t want to share it with

7. Install antivirus software

  • They help keep unwanted programs and people out of your personal information

It is crucial to know that there is a difference between data breach and I.D theft.  If you are experiencing a data breach, that is when data is breached (stolen) you will be a victim of some kind of I.D theft. It can be small where someone just uses your credit card, or it can be large where someone applies for a job in your name or takes out a loan in your name. So it is important t