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Free Business Checking Account


Free Business Checking Account

Are you in the planning stages for your own business or are just starting one? If so, you’ve most likely looked at numerous checklists about what you need to do in order to have a successful business. On one of those checklists, one of the action items is to “open a business checking account” and […]

Used Auto Loans

Buying a car, new or used, can be a very challenging and frustrating process for a variety of reasons, but once you find that perfect car- it’s a very rewarding feeling. One of the most frustrating parts about buying a car is financing and getting the right auto loan for you. Buying a used car […]

Envelope Budgeting

For many, budgeting can be somewhat of a struggle. We’ve all been a spot at least once in our life that we didn’t have a tight enough budget and had to struggle a bit to make up for that. For those of you that are looking for an easy way to budget, or just looking […]

CD Rates

But first, what is a CD? A certificate of deposit is a time deposit account. This is where a bank agrees to pay interest at a certain rate if the saver deposits their cash for a set term, or period of time. Before you pick the kind of CD that you want, it’s important to calculate […]