North Star Credit Union’s team is committed to shaping our communities’ financial landscapes and providing members with opportunities for meaningful growth.

Leadership Team

Rich Crettol
Chief Executive Officer – Employee since 2005
Jennifer Stedt
Chief Operations Officer – Employee since 2017
Nikki Squires
Accounting Manager – Employee since 2015
Peter Huberty
VP of MS – Employee since 2016
Stephanie Burckhardt
Lending Manager – Employee since 2008
Cindy Stevens
Nashwauk Branch Manager – Employee since 1977

Loan Department

Lori Astleford
Mortgage Loan Officer – Employee since 2017
Crystal Scofield
Consumer Loan Officer – Employee since 2012
Alicia Dahl
Business Loan Officer – Employee since 2016
Michelle Wright
Loan Processor – Employee since 2015

Account Specialists

Jolene Wilson
Account Specialist – Employee since 2008
Christie Kainwo
Account Specilaist – Employee since 2017

Member Services - Cook Branch

Lizzie Pretti
Member Service Supervisor – Employee since 2015
Susan Stone
Member Service Representative II – Employee since 2014
Jay Linn
Member Service Representative II – Employee since 2013

Member Services - Nashwauk Branch

Lynda Carlson
Member Service Representative – Employee since 2014
Holly Hanson
Member Service Representative – Employee since 2017

Student Intern Program

Alli Sandberg
Senior Student Intern – Employee since 2016
Kayla Bodri
Junior Student Intern – Employee since 2017

Administration Staff

Casey Hinnenkamp
Marketing Specialist – Employee since 2016
Julia DeVries
Human Resources Specialist – Employee since 2016
Dionn Hell
Accounting Clerk – Employee since 2014
Miranda Kishel
Accounting Clerk – Employee since 2017
Jody Feist
Financial Education Coordinator – Employee since 2006

Board of Directors

Lara Whiteside
William Conner
Vicki Schelde
Pete Niska
Tom Beaudry
Jeff Ross

Supervisory Committee

Karen Lind
Marla Kahn
Robert Champa